Monday, 27 April 2009

Murano Silver giveaway

Just thought I'd pop a message on about this.

Nip over to Murano Silver and enter the free draw. Gorgeous jewellery.

Good luck if you enter :)

Friday, 10 April 2009


I decided to have a go at making a lariat.

I really like it, but so does my 8 month old, so it's taking quite a beating. Basically this one is a long length of wax covered cord with a number of jump rings on and a couple of beads on each jump ring.

I've added spirals as well which I made to give it a bit more sparkle.

Hope you like it :)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I won a prize :-)

I'm so pleased. I won a prize for my jewellery.

I am part of crafts beautiful forum and they ran an online party over the weekend. There were lots of challenges and they also asked to showcase jewellery. Well I posted a few bits on the showcase and was chosen (with 5 others) as a winner.

I'm just waiting to see what I get but I was so excited to win. There are some very talented ladies on there and I thought my pieces paled into insignificance. All I can say is wooohoooo :)


Well, seeing as I was on here today I thought I'd add a few more pics. The bracelet and cluster necklace were made during an on-line workshop.

The multistrand necklace is a present for my friend's 30th birthday today :)

Jewellery Challenge entry

Hi all

Well unfortunately not a new piece as time is ticking on, but my entry none the less. This one is made from wire and Millefiori beads (which I love). It's a lariat style and was the second thing I ever made - the first was similar but something for me - and was a present for my MIL on her 60th birthday.